Brompton "B" bag
The new Brompton B bag, perfect for transporting and storing your favorite ride. The Brompton “B” Bag is designed for those traveling abroad with their bike by air, those wishing to use it to protect their bike while they have it on a boat or for tidy storage in an apartment.

Product description: The “B” Bag is shaped to take a folded Brompton with any three of the seat pillar heights available on the bike. It is made from tough black nylon, with 5 mm padding, has a wipe clean interior and a reinforced base with integral trolley wheels for ease of handling. The bag comes with a padded shoulder and carry straps as well as a towing strap. Inside there are two pockets, one for maps and the other tools and spares. The bag can be packed down quickly and simple for storage

Specification 80 liter carrying capacity Weight when empty 2.25 kg Exterior dimensions 65cm x 25cm x 55cm (with Brompton+SP6 inside) Packed dimensions 15cm x 25cm x 55cm Interior tool pouch 28cm x 25cm Interior map pouch 17cm 25cm Materials Exterior nylon 840 Interior nylon 210 Superlight Aluminium /Nylon composite base Robust 35mm wheels Nylon non rust zips 10 Rustproof fasteners on base Seam beading to improve wear and resistance to water


Brompton Battery lighting set
Custom made front and rear lights for your Brompton C-type and L-type. The powerful 6-LED Basta rear lamp stays fixed to the bike, lightweight and safe from damage when carried around. The Cateye front lamp is removed for folding, using an easy quick release. This lighting set is included with the T-type bikes. The set comes complete with batteries.

Weight 350gms (140gms with front lamp removed)


Brooks saddle
This beautiful traditional saddle will give years of comfortable riding.


Brompton Cover and saddle bag
The Brompton bike cover allows you to sneak your favorite ride into any fancy doorman building. Brompton Bike cover with saddle bag (Light weight nylon quick "drop on" cover with zipper). Stows in small nylon bag attached to seat. A desirable component of the Brompton travel system.


Brompton Extended seat pillar

Extended seat post for taller Brompton bike riders. Extended seat tube for Brompton riders over 6' tall. Tube made of 30% heavier gauge chrome molly steel. Tube is 60 mm or about 2.5" longer.


Brompton Telescopic seat tube
Telescopic seat tube for Brompton riders over 6' tall Folds to same size as standard post. Telescopic seat tube for Brompton riders over 6' tall Permits a saddle height up to 175mm higher than normal, yet when lowered the saddle projects only 30mm from the folded package. Extra weight 295gm


Brompton Folding basket
(complete with frame)
The Brompton Folding Basket is using the same material as the panniers, provides a large, open-top container, which is ideal for shopping and to hold beach towels. A simple bracing frame maintains its shape which folds flat for storage. Drainage holes are provided in case of rain.

Weight 1340gms
Capacity 24 liters


Brompton C Bag (complete with frame)
Holds your laptop, lunch, cell phone or more fun things like bathing suites and sun lotion. The Brompton Cloth Pannier is a handy and practical hold all made from tough polyester fabric. The main compartment has a divider for keeping papers separate from other articles. At the back, there are two pockets for items such as tools, maps etc. All the compartments have zip fasteners.

Weight 1380gms
Capacity 22 liters


Brompton T-Bag(complete with frame)
A must for the weekend warrior, holds everything - including the kitchen sink. The Brompton Touring Pannier has considerably more capacity than the Cloth Pannier, and a roll-top system with nylon clips for closing. There are two pockets at the back and a divider inside. In addition, there are three elasticized net pockets around the outside, where you can stuff the things you need during your ride.

Weight 1670gms
Total Internal Capacity 28 liters


Brompton Carrying strap
The Brompton Carrying Strap converts the Pannier or Touring bag into a shoulder bag- useful when carrying the bike with other luggage.


Brompton Front carrier block
The "must have" Brompton front carrier system provides a highly convenient method for carrying luggage on the bike as it only takes a moment to attach or release it. As the load is attached direct to the bike frame, it has little effect on steering. The system is a delight to use, especially if you regularly need to take luggage or shopping with you.

At the heart of the system are a tapered block and a special frame, which latches onto it. There is then a choice of three soft-luggage options, which fit over the frame: all are designed for safety with a reflective Brompton mark. A shoulder strap is available for the three panniers.

Note: Brompton bags are produced from high quality waterproof fabric, but in heavy or prolonged rain, the seams may leak. For complete protection, we recommend purchasing the Rainproof Cover.


Brompton folding pedal
Upgrade your C-type Brompton with the folding pedal (the L-type and T-type bikes already have this option installed).



Brompton HP tire with Kevlar belt Refective Side wall
Puncture resistant tires for rough conditions. The Kevlar version of the standard Brompton tire. The Kevlar belt under the tread barely affects the free-running qualities and you can almost say goodbye to punctures. A must have for rough roads (like NYC)


Brompton Mudguard set, complete
Easy to install mudguard upgrade for your C-type Brompton bike (L-type and T-type comes with it)